Friday, 10 February 2017

Please respect our copyright

Light Bulb Languages offers all its resources to all users completely free of charge.  The website and all its resources are, though, subject to copyright.

This morning I have had to report 3 resources to TES Resources.  The user was asking for payment for Light Bulb Languages resources.  The resources were not created by them and they have no right to make money from our resources which we make available for free.

Please please please do not upload any of our resources to TES Resources or to any other 3rd party website, whether the resources contained there are free or not.

For your reference, our copyright statement:

1  Light Bulb Languages is a UK-based resource website for teachers of Languages.  The resources available on Light Bulb Languages are free to all users, but are still subject to copyright.
2  You may download, save and print any of the resources contained at this website and use them for non-commercial purposes in a teaching or training environment.
3  If you are using the resources for CPD training purposes, you must give appropriate credit to Light Bulb Languages, provide a link to the website and indicate if any changes have been made to the resources.
4  You must not use the resources on this site for commercial purposes.
5  You must not submit or upload any of the resources on this site or copies of any of the resources on this site to the site of a third party. This applies equally to sites that provide free resources and those for which users have to pay.
6 If you edit, translate or build upon any of the resources contained at this website, you should show your appreciation of the free original by submitting the new, modified resource to Light Bulb Languages instead of uploading it to the site of a third party.
7  If you would like to include any of the materials from this website on your own website, blog or wiki, please contact us.
8  If you believe that one of our resources infringes the copyright of a third party, please contact us.
If you would like to report to us the infringement of our copyright by a third party, please contact us.
10 If you submit some of your own resources for inclusion on Light Bulb Languages, you will agree to sharing copyright with Light Bulb Languages. The copyright statement will include your name, thus: "© Light Bulb Languages/A.N.Other 2017". 

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