Thursday 17 July 2014

KS2 Spanish scheme of work

I have just uploaded an updated version of my KS2 Spanish scheme of work.  If you are familiar with the previous incarnation, you will notice the following changes and additions:

  • more speaking activities
  • more stories, poems, rhymes and songs, in line with the new Programme of Study
  • addition of "I can" statements for each unit (I use these to assess the children)
  • change in order of the Year 5 units
I have also mapped each unit to the requirements of the new Programme of Study.  There are some objectives which I have not included, as they will vary according to the school.  I have not included the mentions of authentic sources, as different schools will use different sources, and may or may not have a partner school who can help them with this, for example.  I have also missed out the mentions of "a range of audiences", as this will also vary according to the school.

I have a list of additional resources to make to support some of the new activities that I have added, and when I have recovered from a day and a half of Spanish scheme of work, I will have a look at the French one.

Have a brilliant and restful summer holiday, everyone.

Monday 14 July 2014

A little word about Copyright

The resources on Light Bulb Languages and its predecessor, MFL Sunderland, have always been free.  They are, however, still subject to copyright.  The copyright statement that appears on nearly every resource show the name of the site and the name or initials of the person who created it.  Where anyone other than myself has created a resource, the copyright is shared by them and the site.  Everyone who contributes a resource has their name added to the Thanks list.

In the past and recently I have found resources from the website uploaded to other sites, often with only a few or no changes made, no credit given to Light Bulb Languages, and often with the site's copyright statement removed from the resource.

Today I have rewritten the site's copyright policy, a copy of which you can find on our "About" page.  In short, you have the freedom to download and use in the classroom any of the resources that you want, but if you are using them for CPD purposes, please give the website a namecheck.  If you edit or translate any of the resources, please acknowledge the resource's source by sharing it via Light Bulb Languages rather than by uploading them to a third party's site.

41 new resources today

I have uploaded today a number of resources for KS4 French grammar and listening and reading, and KS4 Spanish grammar.  Many of these resources are also Tarsias, and so I have added them to the Tarsia page.

I have also added some custom-made alphabets for French and Spanish to help with displays, and a German alphabet to match the French and Spanish ones - thanks Nick!

Finally, will this kind of translation activity be useful?

Wednesday 2 July 2014

18 new resources today

There are 18 new resources for you today:

I have also uploaded the new Programme of Study for KS2 and the various bits of the KS2 Framework, as I know these aren't always easy to find.  They are on the primary page.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Month no.3

Here are the stats for June:
  • 29743 unique visits (15575 in May)
  • 991 visits per day on average (502 in May)
  • 91501 page loads (56463 in May)
  • 27 new resources (125 in May)
  • 124 new Twitter followers (141 in May, new total of 671)
  • 902 visitors to the blog (708 in May)
Thanks once again to all our users for their support.