Friday 31 January 2020

The first 23 new resources for 2020

I've just uploaded the first new resources of 2020:

Primary French: some resources for describing hair and eyes

Primary Spanish:  lots of resources for describing hair and eyes and some other bits and pieces about weather, town, and dates.

My Y4s do description of parts of the body and always find it tricky, so this year I've broken it right down into 4 very small steps:
Step 1: Hair + colour
Step 2: One eye + colour (still singular, but changing el to un)
Step 3: Eyes + colour (plural)
Step 4: Hair and eyes
Step 5 will be the different words for hair colours, for which there are already resources on the site.
You may notice in these resources all the faces with different coloured hair and eyes that I've had to make!

With reference to the Primary Spanish resources, there are so many (well over 800) that the page was becoming very unwieldy and slow to update.  I've split it up into 5 separate pages (Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 and everything else!) but you'll see the same index at the top of each page so you shouldn't notice a big difference in your browsing experience.  However, if you have schemes of work or a school website etc with links to the page, you may have to edit your links.