Friday 24 February 2023

Write Away! issue 15

Issue 15 of Write Away! magazine is now available to read on Light Bulb Languages.

I hope that reading this issue or previous issues has inspired you to submit your own students' writing.  As the editor, I aim to include as many pieces of work as possible.  Here are some tips to help ensure that your students' work is among those selected for inclusion:

1. Please send the work as scanned .jpg or .png files. This is by far the easiest format to edit if necessary and to drop onto the page.  Photographed work is not ideal.  The resolution is often too low for effective enlargement, and it is very difficult to edit it to get a pure white background.

2. Make sure once the work is scanned that it's legible.  Work written in faint pencil or light coloured pen like yellow can't be used.  Sometimes colouring-in makes the writing hard to read.  Work that has pencil obviously overwritten with pen will not be used.  The background of the piece of work should be pure white all over (unless there are illustrations or colouring!)

3. Make sure once the work is scanned that there aren't any parts chopped off.  If bits are missing the work can't be used.
4. Please ensure that the work will fit in a portrait page space 15cm x 26cm. This might mean that children have to rewrite the work on a sheet that you have specially prepared.

5. The work needs to be as correct and as neat as possible.  Write Away! is aspirational, a showcase and a celebration.
6. Work including illustrations is great - it saves me from having to find appropriate images!
7. Make sure that the permission letter has been signed by both the children and their parents/carers.  If they haven't given permission, I can't use their work.
8. Make sure that all the necessary paperwork is completed and sent.
9. Don't send too many pieces of work.  To avoid the magazine being too "samey", the largest number of pieces of work I will use from one school is 6.  If you send more than 6 pieces of work on the same theme and in the same format, there will be some that are not used.
I look forward to receiving your submissions!  The deadline for issue 16 is 24th March 2023.

Thursday 2 February 2023

71 new resources today

 I've just uploaded 71 new resources, almost all for Primary French and Primary Spanish.

Amongst them are a set of Spicy Starters for Spanish and some numbers 1 to 10 practice for KS1 (also available in Spanish).

All the new resources will have "added 02.02.23" underneath them.  If you're on your computer you can use CTRL+F and type in that date to find the new resources.  You can also "Find in page" on your Android device. (Sorry I am not fruit-based - there may be a similar facility there.)

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