Wednesday 7 July 2021

Another 30 new resources today

 I've just uploaded another 30 new resources, mostly for the LiPS Listening Project.  There are now 24 activities for French and 38 for Spanish.  You can see the themes here:

I'm hoping there will also be some German ones in time.

The most recent resources don't yet have audio, but I have uploaded the resources which contain the transcript, so that you can use them by reading the text yourself.

If you are a member of the Languages in Primary Schools Facebook Group and would like to help out with writing scripts and/or recording audio, please do a search within the group and you'll find the link to the Google Form where you can express your interest.

The summer holidays are finally in sight, and we have 7 weeks to enjoy not 6 this year!  I've calculated that I am going to have 52 days of holiday altogether, so I shall set myself my usual challenge of making one new resource for each day of holiday.  I'm intending to do more Studio and Viva resources to add to what is already on the site, but please drop me a line if there's anything specific you'd like, especially for secondary (which I don't teach) or French (which I don't teach!)

Have a great summer, everyone.  You've done an amazing job in very difficult circumstances this year, and you deserve it.

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