Thursday, 23 February 2017


If you are a regular user of Light Bulb Languages, you may have seen that this week a "Donate" button has been added to the home page.

I have been considering for some time now the continued financial viability of the website.  The only income that it receives is that which is generated by the Google Ads.  This covers the web hosting and domain name costs but not much more.

It's in the site's best interests to continue to have new resources, but of course these resources take time to create.  Each of the Spanish-speaking country factfiles, for example, has taken an hour to research and create.

I have to consider my own financial future, and how best to generate income for that future.  At the moment I am spending many hours (many happy hours, I have to say) creating new resources, but am not receiving an income for that activity.

Many previously-free resource websites have introduced a subscription or are requesting payment for resources.  Light Bulb Languages will remain free.  Not all the resources on the site are mine, after all.

Therefore I have decided to add a "Donate" button so that you can, if you wish, make a contribution to the future of the website.

Merci, gracias, grazie and danke.

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