Tuesday 30 September 2014

Interactive activities for French

I have uploaded this morning some new interactive activities for French on numbers to 20 and school equipment.

There are also interactive activities for Spanish and German.

Sunday 21 September 2014

16 new resources today

For your downloading pleasure there are 16 new resources today:

Tuesday 2 September 2014

French phonics

For several reasons, the children in the school where I teach French have not done any explicit learning of phonics or any in-depth grammar.  Therefore I am going to begin with Year 5 this week with some nouns work and some phonics.

I am using 10 school equipment words as the basis for this:

  1. un crayon
  2. un stylo
  3. une r├Ęgle
  4. un taille-crayon
  5. une gomme
  6. une trousse
  7. un papier
  8. un cahier
  9. un livre
  10. un feutre
These will the words that I use to explain what a noun is and what gender is, and that will lead us into dictionary work.  They also offer opportunities for working on specific phonemes.  We are going to start off with the 'ou' sound like in trousse.

If you would like to use the resources, I have just uploaded them, and you will find the phonics 'ou' sound ones here (I've included an .mp3 to help the non-specialists) and the school equipment ones here.