Thursday, 17 July 2014

KS2 Spanish scheme of work

I have just uploaded an updated version of my KS2 Spanish scheme of work.  If you are familiar with the previous incarnation, you will notice the following changes and additions:

  • more speaking activities
  • more stories, poems, rhymes and songs, in line with the new Programme of Study
  • addition of "I can" statements for each unit (I use these to assess the children)
  • change in order of the Year 5 units
I have also mapped each unit to the requirements of the new Programme of Study.  There are some objectives which I have not included, as they will vary according to the school.  I have not included the mentions of authentic sources, as different schools will use different sources, and may or may not have a partner school who can help them with this, for example.  I have also missed out the mentions of "a range of audiences", as this will also vary according to the school.

I have a list of additional resources to make to support some of the new activities that I have added, and when I have recovered from a day and a half of Spanish scheme of work, I will have a look at the French one.

Have a brilliant and restful summer holiday, everyone.

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  1. Thanks Clare. This will save me lots of time over the summer. You are a star.