Monday, 14 July 2014

A little word about Copyright

The resources on Light Bulb Languages and its predecessor, MFL Sunderland, have always been free.  They are, however, still subject to copyright.  The copyright statement that appears on nearly every resource show the name of the site and the name or initials of the person who created it.  Where anyone other than myself has created a resource, the copyright is shared by them and the site.  Everyone who contributes a resource has their name added to the Thanks list.

In the past and recently I have found resources from the website uploaded to other sites, often with only a few or no changes made, no credit given to Light Bulb Languages, and often with the site's copyright statement removed from the resource.

Today I have rewritten the site's copyright policy, a copy of which you can find on our "About" page.  In short, you have the freedom to download and use in the classroom any of the resources that you want, but if you are using them for CPD purposes, please give the website a namecheck.  If you edit or translate any of the resources, please acknowledge the resource's source by sharing it via Light Bulb Languages rather than by uploading them to a third party's site.

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  1. I agree, I give full credit to you on all my lesson plans. I claim no credit for any of them! Gracias.