Thursday 1 September 2022

53 new resources today

 You may have seen on the Light Bulb Languages Twitter and Facebook pages that over the summer holidays I set myself the challenge of making 47 resources for my 47 days of holiday.  Well yesterday I made the 48th, and that's not including the new scheme of work for primary French, which I published a couple of weeks ago.

You'll find new resources for:

All the new resources will have "added 01.09.22" underneath them.  If you're on your computer you can use CTRL+F and type in that date to find the new resources.  You can also "Find in page" on your Android device. (Sorry I am not fruit-based - there may be a similar facility there.)

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I won't be using the KS3 ones myself - they are just for you.

Why not have a look at my Etsy storewhich has plenty of French, Spanish, German and multilingual goodies? 

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