Thursday, 23 July 2020

25 new resources today

I've just uploaded 25 new resources, all of them for KS2 French:
  • 20 knowledge organisers  Following much discussion with teachers in the Languages in Primary Schools (LiPS) Facebook group about phonics, I decided to leave the key sounds boxes on the KOs blank. Teachers can fill in their own key sounds prior to copying, and then children can go through underlining or dotting or boxing key graphemes when they come to use the KO.  There were too many key sounds in each KO to fit in to the key sounds space, and I found I was underlining most of the text, which defeats the object!
  • Last sentence builders, for Jobs, Hair and eyes, Weather and En ville.

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All of these resources are available to you absolutely free of charge.  I have not been and will not be paid for making them.  Please consider making a donation to the future of the website

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