Sunday, 7 June 2020

New scheme of work for Key Stage 2 Spanish

If you are a regular visitor to the Primary Spanish pages of the website, you'll notice that there have been some big changes.

I have completed my new scheme of work (read its story here), and have uploaded it to the site - click on Scheme of Work for all the documents.  The previous scheme is still there, in a zipped file called Legacy Scheme.

The new units and changed units have required a big change around of the resources.  The resources are now in the order of the new scheme, but I haven't deleted any, so you'll still find all your favourites, just maybe in a different place.

I have a big long list of new resources to make to accompany the new scheme.  You can subscribe to this blog by filling in the "Follow by email" box on the right hand side under the labels.  That way you won't miss any news about new resources.

I made the images in Canva, by the way.  Did you know that if you can prove to Canva that you're a teacher, you can get a free Pro account?

All of these resources are available to you absolutely free of charge.  I have not been and will not be paid for making them.  Please consider making a donation to the future of the website.


  1. Clare,
    I really like your new SOW. Well done. I am sure that lots of teachers will find it really helpful. Thanks

  2. This looks absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for all your specialised help and time creating this SOW, it will undoubtedly be appreciated and help so many of us!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such great resources!