Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Learn Spanish at home

Light Bulb Languages is hosting a series of video lessons for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Spanish.  The lessons follow the scheme of work on the website with a few alterations that are part of a restructuring of the scheme that will be online soon.

You may have heard of or seen the Spanish lessons that are being offered by the Oak National Academy.  However their lessons are assuming that all the children are starting from scratch.  The Light Bulb Languages lessons so far have lessons for Years 1-3, and more will be added so as to provide something for all year groups.

Each lesson has accompanying activities, which might be games, songs or downloadable reading and writing activities.

The downloadable guide for parents and teachers shows the overview of the lessons.

All feedback is welcome :)

All of these resources are available to you absolutely free of charge.  I have not been and will not be paid for making them.  It takes a day to make three videos.  Please consider making a donation to the future of the website.


  1. Hi Clare, Just wanted to say a huge GRACIAS for all your amazing resources which I already know and use quite often. However now you are a lifeline and a very valued and trusted source. Many, many thanks!
    Tiny query: I have been trying to link to some of your games to practise nos 1-15 which I can access but when I copy the link it no longer works. Any advice gratefully received! Señora B-V

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Are you wanting to access the games from the interactives page?

    1. Actually it was from the educandy resource which I found on the Learn Spanish at home (lesson on nos 1-15). As I said it works when I click on it but when I copy and paste the link it won't work...not sure why as the other one (to practise nos 1-10) is fine. Thanks.

    2. Strange! Educandy games all have numbers as well, so you can give that number to someone if you want them to play a certain game. You can put in the code d42c to get some of the games.

    3. Panic over... it works from a pdf not word doc.
      Thank you again.