Thursday, 11 July 2019

Website news!

You can now download:

  • Language links posters - Enrich students' English vocabulary while enhancing their knowledge of words in other languages and the roots of English words 
  • Phrases of the day images in French, Spanish and German (there are a few more to come of these)
Have you read issue 1 of our Write Away! magazine?  It's a new magazine full of examples of writing by KS2 children.  You have until 27th September to submit your pupils' work for issue 2.  All the information and forms are on the magazine's page.

All of these resources are available to you absolutely free of charge.  I have not been and will not be paid for making them.  Please consider making a donation to the future of the website.


  1. Hi, love this website but sometimes can't work out how to play games... the French numbers 1-69 game- how to play it? Thanks

  2. Hello, we have lots of games. Can you be more specific, please, about the one you're asking about?

  3. I'm trying to download the phrases of the day, but they all download as the first one 'bonjour'

    1. Thanks for the tip-off! I've just tested it, and the same thing happens for me with the French ones, even though Spanish and German work ok. Will sort it out.

    2. Have re-done it, and it should work now