Wednesday, 12 August 2015

19 new resources today

Regular readers of this blog will remember last year's 70 Day Challenge.  On June 23rd I set myself a new 70 Day Challenge - to make 70 new resources for the website in the 70 days before 31st August, which is the last day of my holiday.  Yes, I return to school - teaching - on 1st September.

Today is 12th August and I have already made 79 new resources, and here are the first 19:

14.8.15  Sorry - due to copyright restrictions I have had to delete these resources
Secondary teachers: Have a listen to them - this is the sort of language that KS2 children listen to and read
Primary teachers: if there are any other books that you would like recording, I will happily do it as long as you can provide the text.

More to come.

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